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The Cocatrel coffees are produced with the utmost rigor, quality control and free of any impurity, from totally pure grains, 100% Arabic. They have an excellent standard of quality which gives them a prominent position among the brands in the market. The Cocatrel Coffees can be found in the Cocatrel Coffee Shop, supermarkets and several points of sale in Três Pontas and region. For those who want to buy our products without leaving home, from anywhere in the country, just click on our online store. The coffees are delivered safely by the Post Office and the customer can enjoy the taste of coffees of origin, tradition and quality guaranteed.

Cocatrel Gourmet Coffee

This coffee is perfect for taking in special moments, providing unforgettable experiences. Ideal at the table with friends, with family or to give a loved one. The grains are especially roasted for the lovers of an espresso, or freshly ground, in the moment it is drank.

This coffee is produced in a sustainable way, with origin and defined region, being selected the best grains of the South of Minas. It has a 100% Arabica drink, hard for best, soft toasty, soft flavor, balanced body and accentuated acidity, giving it a more than special flavor.


It can be found in packs of 1 kg - in whole grains or ½ kg – ground coffee.

“Mokinha Intense” (Mocha Blend Ground Coffee)

This coffee was thought to attend the rush of our day to day. It is the coffee of all moments, for all purposes. Energy, willingness to wake up, to study or to work out. Best of all, the price of this coffee fits right in your pocket. Be sure to try it.


The “Mokinha Intense” maintains the same standards as the Gourmet Coffee, but is produced with a mocha sieve (smaller grains, usually harvested on top of the coffee), 100% Arabic. Its toast is medium in intense brown color, yet preserving its aromatic oils. It is full bodied and meets the taste of most Brazilian consumers. Its notes resemble citrus and caramel flavors.

It is found in ½ kg packages, roasted and ground.

Cocatrel Capsules (compatible with Nespresso machine)

This coffee is for those who want a unique experience. For people who has the Nespresso machine at home or in the company. The blend of this coffee has been specially designed to obtain a perfect extraction of delicious espresso, meeting the most demanding palates.

Produced from a rigorous selection of gourmet coffees, it is 100% arabica with grains from the south of Minas, 17/18 sieves and aromatic notes of vanilla and caramel. It has a mild flavor, which comes from a light medium toast, providing body and acidity.

Cocatrel Reserva

O Café Cocatrel Reserva utiliza como matéria prima, os melhores grãos de café Natural, 100% Arábica, selecionados entre as mais de 40 mil amostras entregues na cooperativa. O sabor e qualidade são característicos dos melhores cafés produzidos no Sul de Minas. Pontuado acima de 86 pontos, o café Cocatrel Reserva é garantia de pureza e alta qualidade e irá agradar aos mais exigentes paladares.

Dairy Products

Cocatrel dairy products are produced from the milk delivered by our members. Focusing on taste and quality, the high standard of these products guarantees great acceptance and loyalty of our customers.

“Queijo prato” (a typical kind of Brazilian cheese for sandwich)

Soft cheese, similar to the Danish cheese Danbo. It is one of the most popular cheeses in Brazil, and was introduced by Danish immigrants in the Minas Gerais state. It is a cheese of cooked mass, yellow-gold color, of semi-hard consistency, without glances. Produced using lactic cultures ("ferments") that impart aroma, characteristic texture and ease of melting when heated. To achieve this flavor and texture the cheese plate is matured or "cured" for 25 to 30 days in a cold room at 10 ° C. It is ideal for the preparation of snacks and sandwiches and to gratin pasta in the oven.

Mozzarella Cheese

Mozzarella cheese is the most produced in Brazil and in the world. Its elastic consistency is due to the filament process in which the fresh mass is heated and stretched several times. Its higher acidity (lower pH) is one of the factors that makes it so easy to melt. To achieve this acidity, specific lactic ferments are used for this type of cheese, because in addition to acidity, they confer a distinct flavor and aroma to the final product.

Parmesan Cheese 

It is a cheese of hard mass, spicy flavor and very characteristic aroma. They have a dark yellow, hard and oily skin. Parmesan is made from partially skimmed cow's milk. In the production, thermophilic ferments are used that are still added at the beginning of the manufacture for pre-maturation of the milk. Throughout the process, after passing through the brine, it is dried and cured for more than 6 months in a chamber at 16 ° C to achieve desired texture and aroma. With maturation, the cheeses get more striking and complex flavors. The texture, over time, becomes more granular and can give a crispy sensation as of small crystals (called crystals of tyrosine, which occur in more mature cheeses).

Half-matured Minas Cheese

It is a "half-cure" cheese, typical of the state of Minas Gerais. The cheese undergoes a maturation of about 25 days, at a temperature of 8 to 10 ° C, acquiring a slightly dry and firm consistency. It is widely used in the manufacture of Minas Gerais cheese bread. It is made with specially selected mesophilic ferments for this type of cheese, which gives it the characteristic aroma and characteristic flavor.

Fresh Minas Cheese

The name says it all: original from Minas Gerais State, it is a fresh cheese, that is, that does not go through a maturation or aging period. Hence comes the mild flavor, much appreciated to accompany desserts.

Made from pasteurized milk, it presents lightness promoted by the freshness of the slight natural acidity of the milk, combined with the salty balance, smoother than the other cheeses.

It is a cheese with high moisture content, so its validity is reduced, and should be consumed in a brief time.

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