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Receiving and storing Coffee

Another strength of COCATREL is its capacity to receive, store and prepare coffee, an area that has accompanied the growth of the Cooperative. A set of warehouses, built under strict technical criteria to preserve the quality of the stock, now have a static capacity of 1.5 million bags, meaning that each crop can be safely received up to 2 million bags. All coffee deposited by the members is fully insured, including transporting from farms to COCATREL's warehouses.

 Our warehouses were equipped with modern and fully computerized machinery, with the RFID System. This system is an identifier chip that aims to track the coffee in bulk or in bags, delivered in the cooperative, from its receipt to its final storage, which generates agility, cost reduction, security and brings modernity to our warehouses.

Cocatrel's warehouses and coffee reception centers are structured to receive coffees in grain, bags and jut bags (a traditional bag of coffee with 60Kg), as well as storage of specialty and custom coffees. They are also qualified to receive coffee with the UTZ, Certifica Minas (a kind of local certification with principles of sustainability), Global Coffee Platform (4C) and Rainforest Alliance certifications.

Cocatrel has warehouses and collection centers in the cities of Três Pontas, Coqueiral, Nepomuceno, Carmo da Cachoeira, Ilicínea, Córrego do Ouro, Varginha and soon in Santo Antônio do Amparo.


The UCOM - Cocatrel Minasul Processing Plant is a consolidated company in the strategic partnership between the Cooperative of the Coffee Producers of the Varginha - Minasul Zone and the Cooperative of the Coffee Growers of the Três Pontas Zone - Cocatrel.

Located in the city of Varginha, the Ucom started in August 2016, working in the areas of storage, re-trade, trade and export of coffee, with the purpose of adding value to its customers.


It counts with a competitive differential: its quality and punctuality in the delivery of its services, as well as ethics and transparency in its business relations, offering to the market more than a service option, but mainly a relation of high confidence.

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and systems, highly qualified professionals allied to permanently optimized processes, the UCOM provides its customers with a processing capacity of 7,200 sacks of coffee per day and a static stock logistics of 800 thousand bags stored in silos and big bags.

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