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Windows Embedded Standard 7 Sp1 Torrent




Installing on a Memory Card > **Tip** > Another way to install Windows Embedded Standard 7 is to place the WES7 DVD image on a memory card and insert it into the computer's CF slot or SD card slot. When you run the WES7 image file, you will see the following dialog box: ![WES7 DVD message](./Images/wes7_unmki_dialog_v4.png "WES7 DVD message") Click "Next". ![WES7 DVD message](./Images/wes7_unmki_dialog_v5.png "WES7 DVD message") A dialogue box will appear asking where you want to install Windows Embedded Standard 7 on your computer. Click "Next". ![WES7 ISO message](./Images/wes7_iso_dialog.png "WES7 ISO message") Click "Next" to continue and then enter "install" into the "Installation Type" box and click "Next" to continue. ![WES7 ISO message](./Images/wes7_iso_dialog_v2.png "WES7 ISO message") On the screen that appears, make sure that "Custom" is selected and then click "Next" to continue. ![WES7 ISO message](./Images/wes7_iso_custom_modes_v1.png "WES7 ISO message")




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Windows Embedded Standard 7 Sp1 Torrent

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